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Sintered Bushes & Parts
Sintered Bushes & Parts are widely demanded in automotive industry and are capable of decreasing friction as well as counter attacking high valve train loads. These are significantly thicker than the components made with plating technology.
Brass Nozzle
The high quality Brass Nozzles render an increased thermal conductivity. The nickel coating these come with has low surface energy that lessens plastic adhesion, and has capacity to boost flow rate.

Brass Nipple
Brass Nipples offered by us can perform efficiently wherever they are being applicable. These come in numerous sizes so as to run into the special needs. These come with strong durable body and insure zero percent leakage.
Brass Nuts
Brass Nuts offered by us are extremely rust resistant as well as electrically conductive. These are elementary to be applied and can be effortlessly secured by moving these in right angled course.
Brass Pipe Elbow
Brass Pipe Elbows are used in pipe systems to connect the straight pipe as well as tubing sections. These are also utilized for ballcock adapters, refrigerator fixtures, and cooler & compression fixtures.
Male Female Coupling
Offered high-quality Male Female Couplings are applicable in the electrical as well as mechanical trades. These are generally the receptacles that receive as well as hold the other connector.
Flare Male Connector
Flare male Connectors are widely preferred all across the industries. These are proffered with high connection capacities. The fittings are the sorts of compression fittings utilized with metal tubing.
Cable Gland
The Cable Glands are the devices made to attach as well as secure the end of an electrical cable to the apparatus. These glands may be utilized on all types of control, instrumentation, electrical power, data as well as telecommunications cables.
Flare Reducing Union
The Flare Reducing Unions are resistant against rust and come with easy installation as well as precise dimensions. These are designed to fight against abrasion of materials occupied with abrasive particles.
Stop Plug
Offered high quality Stop Plugs we offer are the products made for resistance against rust as well as impairment. These are made to close unused cable accesses on apparatuses.
Pipe Reducer
Pipe Reducers are the mechanisms in a pipeline that decreases the pipe size from a larger to a smaller inner diameter. These products enable for an alteration in pipe size to run into the hydraulic flow necessities of the system.
Pipe Adaptor
The Pipe Adaptors are the connections, which are much of short length. These are applicative in plumbing systems to link multiple piping of same size as well as assorted dimensions.